Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Facebook Not Exactly a Friendly Place for Scooter Users

If you were to search Facebook for the term 'mobility scooter' what would you expect to find? Would it be groups of scooter users sharing tips and discussing issues? Or maybe charities who are dedicated to getting people mobile? Bound to be plenty of dealers trying to flog over priced mobility aids right? Turns out all these things are drowned out by one thing - the groundswell of loathing for the humble scooter user. Some of the groups include: And my personal favourite
  • i hate people mobility scooters Quote: "dont u just hate the old fogeys? think they have right of way in shopping precincts, worse than bloody taxi drivers."
Now I don't know if this is a new thing, but in the last six months scooter users seem to have been identified as a legitimate target for pointless contradictory whinging (the main complaint seems to be people using scooters on the pavement... except when the complaint is that people use them on the roads). I'm sure this isn't just a Facebook phenomena, I'll have a look around the net over the next couple of days. Just incase this has left you feeling a little depressed, have a look at WE LOVE MOBILITY SCOOTERS AND THE PEOPLE ON THEM! . Might restore a little faith in humanity.

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