Thursday, 2 July 2009

Stay out my way fool!

As a follow on to yesterdays post, maybe drug dealers can earn the scooter community a little respect. I'm sure the tutting and eye rolling would stop the first time the oh so annoying little man on the scooter hops off and puts a cap in someones arse (ass?). Why an 8mph mobility scooter is the drug gang's motor of choice I have to say the picture doesn't quite do the story justice. Living in Brixton I am privileged to witness this first hand and the lads who are driving these things are usually about 16 and are resplendent in the usual drug lord finery - baseball caps with labels still dangling, tracksuits based on luggage, and pristine white trainers. The one thing the did seem to get spot on was the ratty old Rascal scooter, it really lets the whole image down. They should be rocking something like the Mercury M48GT . Not only is it a sweet ride, it's weight capacity would mean you could probably pack about 200 lbs of chronic around the frame...

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