Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Off Road Powerchair

Seriously, how did I miss this? I feel such a fool blogging about someone who has stuck a few bits of tin foil to his scooter when this fellow is out there. The Tank Chair, as it unsuprisingly called, was concieved and built by Brian Soden of Phoenix after a car accident left his wife Liz paraplegic. Great lovers of the out doors, the Soden's found that traditional off road wheelchairs were just not up to the job when faced with the rugged Arizona landscape. The Tank Chair is a real monster, it can handle rocky trails; snow; and even the steepest of inclines. Brian is now offering tank chairs to consumers. While in many cases the final product will be customised to fit the needs and wants of each individual consumer, he also offers two standard models - if these can ever be described as standard. The standard tank chair is fitted with rubber tracks and the more conventional Speedster is fitted with a pair of beautiful 21 inch alloy wheels. Visit http://www.tankchair.com/ for more details

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