Saturday, 21 November 2009

Pride Colt XL8

This year has seen the arrival of a number of new mobility scooters, most notably the new Heartway / Freerider Aviator adn Venus and the Heartway / TGA Vita. While it would seem that all the innovation in the world of Mobility Scooters is coming out Heatway's Taiwanese factory there are other manufacturers out there trying valiently to keep up. Foremost Amongst this chasing pack is Pride Mobility who this year launched the Pride Colt Deluxe and the Pride Colt XL8. The Pride Colt XL8 mobility scooter is an eight mile an hour scooter. It is heavy duty without being fully in the bariatric class having a maximum weigh capacity of twenty eight stones. The Colts are Prides more 'sporty' range and as such they have features such as over sized thirteen by four inch wheels and a respectable ground clearance of about three inches. The word sporty however should not be considered to be synonymous with deluxe; the Pride Colt XL8 has rear only suspension leaving the solid tires and your wrists to absorb any front end impact. The Colt XL8 is powered by dual 12v batteries that deliver 50ah, this gives the Colt a range of around twenty miles per charge which is better than fair and suitable for all but the most demanding users. The Colt XL8 has a retail price of £4,500 which is clearly far too high for this scooter, however as is usual in the scooter business the price you will pay can vary massively - for example Value Mobility offer the scooter at around £1,495 - and at the right price this a very competent eight mile an hour scooter that would suit most users looking to have the advantages of bot road and pavement use.

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