Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New TGA Breeze to be Launched at Naidex

This years Naidex National (Birmingham NEC, 5th to 7th of April 2011) will see the launch of the new enhanced versions of the Breeze 3 and 4 mobility scooters.

While details are sketchy TGA have given us some clues as to the changes. The styling is said to be updated, bringing the larger Breeze’s in line with the Breeze Midi launched last year. The scooters chassis will be slightly smaller, giving a turning circle of 56 inches which is 15 inches less than the current breeze.

The suspension has been tweaked to give a smoother ride, this may resolve the ‘wallowing’ sensation the Breeze had on rough terrain when compared to mon shock scooters like the TGA Vita or the Colt Executive.

Strangely the new Breeze seems to be lower powered although they may just be being conservative with their measurements. The current Breeze has a stated maximum safe climbing angle of 11 percent; the new Breeze manages 9.5. Similarly the maximum carrying capacity drops from 31 stone to just under 24 stone! On the plus side the new Breeze will come with larger batteries giving a total range per charge of 33 miles.

The new Breeze sounds as if it is being targeted more squarely at the mainstream luxury scooter market, sacrificing some power and weight capacity for a longer range and more stable ride. We await Naidex with bated breath…

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  1. Really enjoyed the blogs. All so very true about prices - so much a case of smoke and mirrors. I am getting really fed up with the reliability of scooters. I walk my dog twice a day, either a 5 or 10 mile loop. And the walk is in all weather. So at least 10 miles a day means I clock up about 3000 miles a year. Is that more than most? So many claims by the manufacturers, they might do 30 miles on a charge, but how many times before the thing gives up? Keep the interesting blogs coming!