Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Looking Good on the TGA Vita

Due to my innate laziness and disorganisation I rarely (never?) check my comments, so unsurprisingly missed this one below on the TGA Vita post:
Hi, I just wanted to say, I have just purchased the Vita (in white as above) and my mother has the sporty orange model. And we absolutely love them! They are very comfortable, roomy, sturdy and very smooth to drive. On our first day out with them last Tuesday, we were quite amazed at the amount of people who commented on them and the amount of notice they had. We just can't wait to get back out again for another day out on them! Dani, Wrexham
Now if any manufacturers out there still have any doubts about there being a market for stylish, modern looking scooters there is your answer! While on the subject of the Vita, Heartway (the Vita's Taiwanese manufacturers) have released a three wheel version. Much as it pains me to say it it is actually quite ugly. This seems to be the conundrum faced by scooter designers, how can you design a scooter that looks good in both a three wheel and four wheel form? Heartway got it right I think with the Royale 4 and Royale 3 but this Vita just seems to look a little odd. In other news the Vita is now available in green. I haven't managed to get a pic yet, but in the mean time if you want to ogle some Vita's check out this video from TGA...

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