Friday, 25 September 2009

TGA Vita: a First Look

TGA have been promising a new luxury 8 mph scooter since the beginning of the summer but all I had seen was a few teaser pics on their web site and other than that nothing. I was starting to think it was all an elaborate fantasy. But today at long last I got my hands on the new TGA Vita!

I'm going to put my cards on the table: it was love at frst sight. Up till now I thought nothing could touch the NHC Royale when it came to styling, but this beats it hands down. Both scooter have clearly based their shape on modern mopeds but While the Royale was supremely elegant in its three wheel incarnation, the four wheel model appears to be a bit of a fudge.This is not the case for the TGA Vita, it was clearly designed as a four wheel scooter and as yet there appears to be no plans to make a three wheel version.

It may come as no surprise to discover that this mobility scooter is manufactured by Heartway Mobility, the same company that build the Royale, although it does beg a couple of questions: first, why didn't it get picked up as part of the NHC range? And second, why have they manufactured something that is so clearly aimed at the Royale's target market (the RRP of the Vita will £3,995, easily within the same price band)? While these questions are interesting to scooter nerd they are irrelevant to the average consumer, who can only benefit from the competition of two companies offering such high quality mobility scooters.

Tomorrow I will put up some more pictures and go into some more of the technical details that make this scooter so special, but for now you can check out TGA Vita specifications at Value Mobility.


  1. Hi, I just wanted to say, I have just purchased the Vita (in white as above) and my mother has the sporty orange model. And we absolutely love them! They are very comfortable, roomy, sturdy and very smooth to drive. On our first day out with them last Tuesday, we were quite amazed at the amount of people who commented on them and the amount of notice they had. We just can't wait to get back out again for another day out on them! Dani, Wrexham

  2. I love my Vita, but when are the useless mudguard going to be made bigger. I am reluctant to take mine out due to the spray thrown up from the wheels