Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Sun Mobility

If you are reading this post on The Wonderful World of Mobility read no further, this post isn't for you. If are reading it on a page from Sun Mobility then read on. I have noticed that a number of my posts are being displayed unaccredited on the Sun Mobility web site. Now I have no problem with people re producing my content, after all that is pretty much what the web is all about, but when you do it at least do me the service of a back link at least. Seeing as they have forgotten I will do it my self:

Pride Colt XL8

This was a bit I wrote about the Pride Colt XL8 mobility scooter back on the 21st of November that Sun Mobility reproduced over eighty five web sites (I know, eighty five seems like overkill).

TGA Breeze

Now I have written about the TGA Breeze several times, but our dear friends at Sun Mobility don't seem to have bothered to scrape them yet. They have however scraped the post about Mobility Scooter Price Match from a few weeks back which made it into a staggering ninety one sites. I should be flattered, and it was one of my better posts, but for some reason I'm not.

TGA Vita

Now this was the one that gave you away! The TGA Vita hasn't been written about much, in fact my two blog posts account for about twenty percent of the original copy on this scooter, so you can imagine my surprise when the Google results for "TGA Vita" lept from twelve to a hundred and eighty! It didn't take long to realise their was something fish going on that's for sure. It seems to me that they only scrape the longer posts so I'm going to have to pad this one out a bit longer. I'm at a loss what to put now, but I can say one final thing: if I was likely to be renting a mobility aid in Florida I would be unlikely to do it from a company that scrapes pages without permission and passes them of as their own. Oh and by the way, please feel free to reproduce this on your many many spammy sites.

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